Secrets to Sunrise Realty’s Success

Sunrise Realty’s 34 years of service in Abbeville has brought it much success over the years.  Not only has the company been in existence for that long, but it has had one owner since the beginning, James Noel, who is still active within the company.  The employees who work there have been agents for more than 15 years.  Sunrise Realty reflects stability and professionalism.

Some of the reasons why Sunrise Realty has been and continues to be successful are:

  • Many repeat customers come back time and time again;
  • Many of its customers have come from referrals of past customers;
  • Some of its customers have used Sunrise to buy and sell property two to three times.  If you have a property, there’s a good chance that Sunrise sold it to you!
  • Sunrise offers those who may be considering selling their own home many reasons to employ a Sunrise agent:
    • Our agents qualify buyers so that you will know that when your home is shown, the buyer’s finances have been verified;
    • We can offer tips to sellers on how to best show your property;
    • Our agents can answer your real estate questions ensuring you a smooth real estate experience;
    • Sunrise agents can fill out all the necessary paperwork;
    • Our agents will show your home when you are away or at work;
    • We offer advice to buyers and sellers to help decrease the frustrations that can come with buying or selling a home;
    • We also help with all the negotiations between buyer and seller, which can be awkward and difficult for people selling their own homes.

Sunrise is thankful to its many customers over the years for making it the success it is today.

Call Sunrise Realty (337) 893-9662. Email: We are here to serve your needs.

Also please visit us on Facebook, Linked-In, Google+ and Twitter where listings are posted.


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Sunrise Realty is Licensed with Louisiana Real Estate Commission