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Located right in the middle of cane fields, crawfish ponds, and cattle ranches sits the Town of Kaplan, in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. Its population is approximately 5,177 people.

In 1902, the European-American settlement now known as Kaplan was established. Most of the people were descendants of French colonists known as Acadians, so the main language was French. However, a mixture of nationalities migrated to the town, including Germans and Spanish, as well as French.

Logo of Kaplan with brown circle ith brown/white fleur de lis and red crawfishThe town of Kaplan was named after Abrom Kaplan who purchased the Jim Todd Plantation in 1901. The town grew quickly and in 1903, the first school was created and the Eleazar Theater was built in 1911. The first Bastille Day Celebration was held in Kaplan on July 14, 1906. It is such a big part of what Kaplan stands for that it is celebrated there more than the 4th of July.

Though there are several food establishments in Kaplan, some of the more popular restaurants in or near Kaplan are Suire’s Restaurant and Hebert’s Steakhouse and Seafood.

Boogie on the Boulevard 5K is held each year in Turnley Park, downtown Kaplan. Mardi Gras is a big celebration for the town and people come from all over to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

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(Cover Photo courtesy of Paul Scannell Photography)